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Represent the library OPC_NET.

OPC_NET is an OPC Client for NET platform and is designed for easy exchange with any OPC server supports standard OPC DA v2.05. Based on of libraries OpcNetApi the organization OPC Foundation - Developer Standard.

Data exchange can be parameterized in the file type xlsx or programmatically. The data is read and written by the names given in this file.

The project includes a detailed manual and the source code.
Available in Russian and English versions of the project.

Example of work:

1. Fill the table signals

2. Communicates with the server
   // create object client
   OPC_NET.OPCclient cl = new OPC_NET.OPCclient();

  // declare variables to read \ write      

  // connect to server 
    int er =  cl.ConnectOpcServer(_ipAddrOPCserver, _nameOPCserver, _timeUpdDataOPCserver);

3. Simple read a variable
            bool err;
    bool val0 =  cl.ReadBool("enaFW", out err);

    int val1 =  cl.ReadInt16("driveFlt", out err);

    int val2 =  cl.ReadInt32("sensorFlt", out err);

    double val3 = cl.ReadReal("pressure", out err);

3. Simple write a variable
            bool err;
     cl.WriteInt16("dag", 34, out err);

     cl.WriteBool("sensEna", true, out err);

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